RocketTheme templates features some amazing advanced features and layout possibilities that open up a wide world of options for your sites. Unfortunately, the default Joomla content in a new Joomla install is very limited and does little to take advantage of the abilities of a modern Joomla template. Each of our demo sites has been highly customized to show off the abilities of each template and give that "professional touch" to the look and feel of the content. This professional look could not be achieved without hands on manual customization, that is, until now.

Simplix now features the exciting new RocketLauncher custom Joomla install option. With the RocketLauncher Simplix Joomla installer, you can instantly create a Joomla site complete with custom content that is a perfect replica of our Simplix demo site that has been professionally tuned to look its best, all with just a few clicks. The Simplix RocketLauncher package consists of a full 1.0.12 Joomla install, complete with all of the demo images, content, modules, and extensions. By running the installer, your Joomla site will be set up with all everything needed to create an exact implementation of the demo site automatically.


Step 1 - Upload the Files

Download the seperate Simplix RocketLauncher package from the Simplix template downloads section and upload the Joomla files within to your server as you would a standard Joomla installation package.

Step 2 - Run the Installer

Point your browser to the location of the RocketLauncher Joomla installation package on your server (whichever domain/folder you uploaded to). You will then see a RocketLauncher splash screen. Click Begin Install and follow the on screen Joomla installation instructions.

Step 3 - Log In

Upon completing the Joomla install, your site will be ready to go. Log in to your control panel and you will see all of the content items and modules used on the demo site. On the front end, the site will appear exactly as the Simplix demo. That's all there is to it!
The RocketLauncher Joomla installation package is a full Joomla install which contains the demo content and images as part of the installation process. It is intended for use on new sites and installations and is not compatible with an existing Joomla installation.